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7800 Irving Park Rd. Norridge Illinois 60706

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Welcome to Castle Verde.
We are an urban vertical farm.

Our company

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are crops harvested at 10-15 days old. At this age, their seeds organic nutrients are still in the plant giving us up to 40x more nutrients than the fully mature plant.

How we do what we do

How it works

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How It was

Company’s history

Castle Verde started in Chicago during the COVID outbreak. Zion nor Waukegan wanted me. I was told to move from a perfect garden location to the manufacturing district! That I needed 14 acres to be a farm… Norridge said YES!

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    7800 Irving Park Rd. Norridge Illinois 60706



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    Lettuce Shortage?

    We have a solution, upgrade your menu with heathier greens from your Local Urban Farmer.